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  •  We are playing defense, and need an offense (1+ / 0-)
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    I've signed the petition, and thank you, Congressman. It does trouble me that it is merely defensive, amounting to an "opposal", or a "noposal".  So let me (to get things started) offer a few "pro-posals":
    1.  The "Secure Social Security" Act.  Would remove the caps from FICA, making all income subject to the FICA tax and would phase in a lock box for our SS and Medicare contributions, ensuring that they would not go to pay for wars or cut in other taxes.
    2. The "Care for Medicare" Act.  Would offer a Medicare buy-in to any adult at cost + 20%, i.e., the same medical loss (I believe) to which private insurers are subject in the ACA of 2010.  This would be a de facto public option, need very little in the way of additional bureaucracy or regulation, and would strengthen Medicare's financing both by the infusion of funds, and by the inclusion of a lower-risk population.
    3. The "Fair Income Taxes" Act would prevent the minimum wage from being subject to income tax, and would also end the preferential treatment of capital gains.  It would set by statute the personal exemption, currently $3,700, to an amount equal to 50 weeks of full time work at the federal minimum wage, a total of $14,500. By ending the preferential treatment of long term capital gains, it would reduce the most prevalent inequity in our personal tax code.

    In the face of strong and determined opponents with a very defined agenda, I fear that it is not enough to resist, but rather we need our own agenda for which to advocate, and to contrast with that of the corporatists.  The best defense is indeed a good offense!

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