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View Diary: House Republicans holding up FAA reauthorization over anti-union provision (64 comments)

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    antirove, Oh Mary Oh

    This rings a bell:

    The House wants to revert to an old rule in which all workers eligible to vote are counted as having done so. If they didn't actually cast a vote, they are recorded as a "no" vote.

    Understand your RRO:

    ...if the vote required is a majority or two thirds of the members present, or a majority or two thirds of the entire membership, an abstention will have the same effect as a "no" vote. Even in such a case, however, an abstention is not a vote. [RONR (10th ed.), p. 387, l. 7-13; p. 388, l. 3-6; p. 390, l. 13-24; see also p.66 of RONR In Brief.]

    This was slipped by in the latest education "reform" in Illinois to essentially make taking a strike vote in Chicago impossible. "Present and voting" ensures that those who cast votes, in contrast to those who abstain or don't vote, are counted.

    Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein

    by michael in chicago on Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 08:13:36 PM PDT

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