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View Diary: Ten years of borrowing paid for the Bush tax cuts (83 comments)

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      Angie in WA State

      It's not the final deal, but sounds at least close to what the end proposal will be.

      Under what is known as the "Gang of Six" plan, individual tax rates would be lowered, with a top rate of 29%, while a single corporate rate would fall to somewhere between 23% and 29%, according to two drafts of ideas under discussion. Aides cautioned that the drafts didn't represent details upon which the entire Gang of Six had agreed.

      •  And those rates eliminate (0+ / 0-)

        the capital gains rate of 15%.  So, if Joe Investment Class is paying 15% on some of his income, and that goes to 29%, I'm pretty happy with that.

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        Article doesn't mention that the G6 plan proposes cutting tax loopholes for a net gain in revenues, except to quote Ron Wyden saying one of those loopholes might be the mortgage interest deduction.

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