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  •  Am I reading this wrong? (2+ / 0-)
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    Or is the middle (working) class getting it's biggest tax hike since Clinton's retro-active increase in his first term?  Mind you, I'm open minded and willing to pay more if it turns the economy around etc.  But.  Those of us who didn't have much to start out with, did the right things (started/owned businesses that employed people, bought and still have houses) now lose deductions for mortgages and, I think hidden in there, property taxes, while big businesses and the ultra rich get a pass.  Of course, even with the redistribution of wealth, it's always the middle class that has the biggest pool of taxable dollars, so you know who's going to carry the load.  "Gang" of six indeed.  When people realize this at income tax time, who do you think will get the blame - Republicans or Obama?

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