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View Diary: My Favorite Authors/Books: The Dragonriders of P.E.R.N (135 comments)

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  •  I just reread one last night. (14+ / 0-)

    I've read these over and over and had to even replace one or two because I wore them out. Pern is as real to me as Middle Earth (shh don't tell me Middle earth is fiction, too).

    To say why, I have to revist my favorites:

    Dragonsinger and Dragonsong - these two are the ones about how Menolly doesn't fit in and how she finds her rightful place in the world where her talents are appreciated not deprecated.  As someone who also spent her adolescence (and earlier) not fitting in, this story resonates strongly for me. I too found better acceptance as an adult and while I didn't read these as a teen (they weren't published until I was in college), I was still young enough when I did read them that I didn't yet feel comfortable as an adult.

    Moreta and Nerilka's story - I love this story told from two points of view in two different books. The theme of grief and moving on has been prominent in my life since my beloved died and the character who again feels out of place until she leaves home still resonates to me.

    All the Weyrs of Pern - I love the clash of cultures between the conservatives who don't want change and those who embrace the change when they rediscover technology.

    Then there is the overall theme of Community Service. The dragonriders do something extremely dangerous and they are expected to continue to do it until the threadfall ends or they die. There is no escaping being a dragon rider once chosen except through either your own death or your dragon's . It's the same kind of dedication seen in the military with more of an emphasis on saving lives. In Dragonseye, they are getting ready to start a new pass of the RedStar and the Dragon riders are again going to be at risk daily. Iantine wants to sketch all the dragonriders at one weyr because who knows how many won't be there a year later.  This book is also interesting because it deals with how they adjust to losing technology as the orginal settler's technology wears out.

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