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  •  Neither demand forced Abbas to stop negotiations (0+ / 0-)

    Settlements have been built for 40 years, it didn't stop the Oslo or Hebron or other negotiations, both of which led to agreements.

    The second demand came as a reaction to the Palestinian demand for a "right of return" which would upset the demographic balance in Israel. Both demands SHOULD BE NEGOTIATED.

    Abbas refused, and continues to refuse! to negotiate because he knows Hamas will blow his ass up if he makes even a hint of concessions.

    •  False (0+ / 0-)

      Abbas never refused to negotiate the right or return. The Palestine papers are quite clear on that. See here:

      You are correct that settlement construction didn't stop peace negotiations in the past. What's even more true is that peace negotiations failed to stop the land theft and settlement expansion! Palestinians have justly demanded a stop to this 'creating facts on the ground'.

      As an Israeli, I demand a stop to the settlement construction regardless of what Palestinians do or don't do. They are generally right wing, violent thieving extremists who should be repatriated to Israel.

      After reading the Palestine Papers and seeing how Abbas would agree to Israeli demands, only to have Netanyahu move the goal posts, it becomes clear that Hamas was not the problem. Hamas actually agreed recently to formally accept that the PLO (i.e., Abbas) continue to negotiate with the Israelis as long as there will be a referendum on any proposed agreement.

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