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View Diary: Fed Audit: $16T in secret loans (228 comments)

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  •  Only a problem if the loans were not paid back (3+ / 0-)

    People are going crazy because the Feds is lending money to banks.... forgetting that that is what the Fed does- lend money to banks.  The entire 'Wall St bailout' meme is just wrong. The Wall St 'bailout' actually made money for the feds.  Geithner & Bernanke deserves credit for saving Wall St from a re-enactment of 1929. The only part that is an outstanding problem is Fannie/Freddie.

    Before you go moaning about how the government only lends money to the big boys-  remember that the government also lend money to students. The government also, through Fannie & Freddie, back some 90% of home loans for little people like you and I. So you and I benefit from the largess too.

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