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View Diary: Dramatis Personae for the NN12 Light Opera (46 comments)

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  •  Zut! Am I late to the party! Let's get on this. (0+ / 0-)

    How do we do a progress report/update?

    edscan voice - light, clear tenor voice, one revelation after another tumbling out like thoughts, insights, slightly hesitant, then building gently to a more firm, declarative phrasing. Never heavy. Either a spoken soliloquy or possibly an unaccompanied solo.

    Troll: harsh, midrange voice, rage-tinged, blurts, nonsense, hunched shoulders, darts out from side of stage, throws head back, unpleasant sounds grate out. Trollish. Occasionally there seem to be many trolls. Can be confusing. Dark-clothinged trolls with dark draping can be offwing to create milling, scurrying action onstage and up the ante when the going slows at all. Can be a bit of an improv aspect, considered an insurance policy to keep action moving. Non-major trolls could have occasional contributions they mutter while milling. A troll chorus might be a travesty too far, which might be either a good or bad thing.

    Consider a small contingency to represent: (just to keep the pot stirred)

    Liberals: (couple or so Liberals declare) we, the oppressed, the progressive, the contaminated with hope souls, some of whom have been afflicted by all the Hate, we bear our visible wounds or blessings.

    "I, who rang 10.000 phones and pressed 500 doorbells and led the campaign in 2008 and 2010 in my precinct was betrayed, betrayed I tell you."

    "My whole family spent our entire summer working to help build a better country. We were squished."

    Bots: We, the approvers, those still in love who infuriate the Haters even worse than the Liberals.

    "How can anyone fail to see the progress? My son is home because he can't get a job, but he's still insured!"

    "We have the smartest, kindest, most wonderful President our great country has ever had."


    Go eat your steak!

    Go fuck your wife!

    Go pray to G*d!

    Republicans would steal even the widow's mite.

    by 4Freedom on Tue Aug 02, 2011 at 11:32:59 AM PDT

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