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View Diary: Reid drops backup plan, Pelosi outlines revenue-free debt limit path (292 comments)

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  •  Obama would sign anything now just to et a deal. (4+ / 0-)
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    Major Tom, COBALT1928, fizziks, apimomfan2

    It makes me sick.  Why would democrats sign a bill with only spending cuts and no tax revenues.  Obama doesn't have the guts to use the constitutional route.

    As an aside, I couldn't believe what I heard on TV a recording of Boehner calling Rush Limbaugh after one of the meetings with the president reporting to him the status of things.  Can you believe these cretins ??.  They consult with a fat lying wind bag like Limbaugh ??????.  I listen to him sometimes.  Some of the stuff he says is just such loads outright bullshit that only a moron would continue listening.  Outright misinformation should not be allowed to be broadcast on radio.  This country is such a looser.

    •  asdf (2+ / 0-)
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      JC from IA, wishingwell

      "Why would democrats sign a bill with only spending cuts and no tax revenues."

      because it would avoid defaulting. period.

      "Obama doesn't have the guts to use the constitutional route."

      there is clearly no consensus that it's a legitimate route, and it's certainly not clear that it would prevent the us credit from being downgraded anyway at this point.

      •  credit down grade? (0+ / 0-)

        a shitload of americans have already had their credit downgraded.
        Or their home values downgraded.
        Or their mortgages forclosed.
        Or their pension disappear.
        Or their job sent oversea's.
        G.E. made something like 15 Billion in profit, payed no taxes, and is getting a 4 billion dollar tax refund.
        C.E.O.'s make something like 300 times more than their average employee.
        I read about a Wall Street hedge fund manager who made 5 billion dollars , but it was capital gains, instead of income, so it was taxed at a much lower rate.
        So if the country defaults, who loses the most?
        If you want to know who the goverment represents, look at who the legislation benefits.
        Oh yeah, three millitary excursions. More billions down the shithole.

      •  So what is the solution. These fools will do (0+ / 0-)

        nothing ??   No, Obama is going to give up more of the store like he always does.

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