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View Diary: DADT Repeal Has Been Certified (294 comments)

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  •  You are both correct. Servicemembers will be (4+ / 0-)
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    risking a lot to become open role models, but serving in the military is always about risk anyway. And (going by my personal experience and the evidence collected from all of my male sibs, my lifer Top Sergeant niece and many veteran friends) most cowards are washed out in boot camp.
    Clarknt67, if we were in the same room right now I'd probably embarrass you with a kiss. Instead, please settle for this: {{{{{{{{{{Clarknt67}}}}}}}}}} Mighty kossak, noble American, full human. Thank you. Damn. I'm crying again. I've turned into a waterworks in my old age.

    Mr. President, if you've kept all your commitments to my civil rights, then you never made enough commitments in the first place.

    by davidincleveland on Fri Jul 22, 2011 at 08:07:46 PM PDT

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