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View Diary: State Department Stonewalling Oversight of Its 5,500-Strong Mercenary Army (46 comments)

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  •  Marines overstretched fighting wars (16+ / 0-)

    Thanks in part to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Marines reported there was shortfall in the number of embassy guards. From 2009:

    The Corps is looking for about 100 single Marines – lance corporals to sergeants – with between two and five years of service to serve as guards at embassies and consulates worldwide, service officials say. They are also looking for qualified noncommissioned officers to serve as detachment commanders.

    Despite growing the Corps to approximately 202,000 active duty Marines in the past several years, deployment requirements (that are not expected to ease as the Corps ramps up its mission in Afghanistan) have put increased pressure on the service to find enough Marines for this unique assignment. Additionally, the State Department has requested more Marine guards at far-flung consulates, putting pressure on the Corps to fill the ranks.

    Not enough Marines available outside of combat, thanks to our wars, to provide an increased need for State Dept. security.

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