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  •  Are you serious? (4+ / 0-)
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    HarpboyAK, BigAlinWashSt, blueoasis, PhilK

    We got royally reamed by Wall St. We have like 5 wars going, the military budget has quintupled, unemployment is insane, home values are shit, money is cheap but nobody is lending, food is astronomically expensive as is fuel. There's no jobs program and the rich people are sitting on piles of money laughing at us. and then there's climate change, NASA is all but gone, the EPA is under seige, and we're about to set the nose under the tent on SS, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Yeah, I feel all savvy.

    •  I Stand By My Statement.... (1+ / 0-)
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      Obama is singly responsible for unemployment, home values,  that no one is lending, the cost of food, the cost of fuel & the rich sitting on piles of money?

      As for jobs, all funding/spending programs begin in the House.  In this case, the Republican run House.  Boehner & Cantor have had seven months.  They have not produced a single, solitary jobs bill or for that matter a single job.

      Obama is responsible for the climate change deniers?  Obama is responsible for the House just shutting down a portion of the FAA?  They just stopped paychecks  to 4,000 FAA community planners, environmental specialists,  & research analysts.....and that's Obama's fault?

      They shut off paychecks starting 27 minutes the stroke of midnight to the FAA.  Republicans just stopped the funding for the FAA, for God's sake.  And you are blaming Obama?

      WheninRome.....that's just not savvy of you.  

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