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  •  "If obama had solved the problem" (3+ / 0-)

    have to call you all on comments like this.

    as the current debt limit fiasco has made clear, there are a bunch of lunatics in the house of republicans that will not let anything pass because they don't like the color of the president's skin. think I'm wrong? listen to that arrogant prick cantor or the new flamethrower joe walsh or for that matter mconnell, joe wilson, the list goes on and on.

    when you have the minority leader of the us senate stating openly that the republicans number one priority is to make sure obama does not get re-elected, how the hell is he a) supposed to get anything done and b)personally responsible for congress being so fucked up?

    the issue is governance and compromise which the republicans have no interest in and if that is not obvious to all americans than something is wrong.

    does obama have his faults, sure , but he has to govern a country not just the progressive wing of the democratic party. sorry. people stayed home and did not vote in the 2010 mid-terms and what we got is because of that, yep, blame it on the base not being motivated but after 8 years of bush, why the hell would anyone need more motivation than that to make sure republicans did not get control ?

    one final rant for all those folks who post here and on other left leaning blogs: you choose to sit it out next year as a protest? cool, your right, but when all three branches of government are controlled by the right just remember you have given away your right to bitch.

    not voting at all is a vote for the radical right wing. at the age of 58, I am embarrassed and outraged at what this country has become.

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