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  •  teaching not 'easy'! (2+ / 0-)
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    blue jersey mom, Seamus D

    I'm a college prof too, and I stand for all my classes, which I prefer but is demanding. And the concentration required to lead a class and keep it lively is as much physical as mental - like a pitcher getting ready all week to go seven innings or so.   Of course it isn't hauling bricks up a hill, but it's not a desk job either.

    However, that isn't really what we're talking about.  You're so right about the luck of the genetic draw.  People who haven't had serious health problems (or people like our congressmen/women with Cadillac health plans) can't really understand this issue.  My nephew, who just turned 30, is already seeing some damage in his hands and joints from laboring and carpal tunnel.  His dad has the same problem.

    When did our national discussion lose all sight of the realities of aging and the general welfare?

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