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  •  There is great imbalance between capital and Labor (2+ / 0-)
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    midwesterner, billmosby

    Our international trade agreements, NAFTA, etc., combined with the ascendence of multi-national corporations, combined with the souless nature of corporations have created an environment where worker bees are little more than commodities.

    Corporations have no soul, no conscience and no innate desire for benefitting and furthering the human condition.

    As long as the playing field is tilted towards the favor of multi-national corporations, we worker bees will suffer.

    Simple solutions to this exist.  1st. and foremost is tariff  reform.  We are the only first world country that does not protect its interests and create a level playing field via the mechanism of tariffs.  Another easy and prudent solution to this would be to give domestically produced goods and services preferential treatment with regard to government contracts.  We could also abandon the discredited supply side economic model that Repub politicians...and many Dem politicians...seem to worship and adopt an economic philosophy that understands that demand is what drives an economy.  

    To state the obvious, idle workers have no money to drive demand.  Hence corporations will not increase output and hiring in the U.S. and will simply move to markets where there is demand.  Supply side economics has created a downward economic spiral in our country that will continue.  There is no economic bottom to our current supply side bias in this country.

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