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View Diary: My 62-year old father was let go yesterday (295 comments)

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    Life expectancy has increased to the point that even if we can afford to retire, we don't feel like quitting, because life has meaning when we are occupied with activities that are productive. Our grandfathers died on an average of 2 years after they retired (I should say that I'm 68).

    And then I was about to say that pushing people out because they are too highly paid and they have built up a pension that would allow them to get by sends a disingenuous message about experience and merit, and all the stuff they say is important in the company brochures - and then I remembered that the only thing that matters is high senior executive pay and profits.

    It's the economy, greed and stupidity.

    In any case, good luck to your Dad, with particular attention to his spirit.

    "At some point we must stop thanking God for rain when, in fact, we're getting urinated on by mainstream America." --D. Omavi Harshaw

    by Bendra on Sun Jul 24, 2011 at 01:17:19 PM PDT

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