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    at all in over 20 yrs in 12-step programs, but perhaps yours is different.  I've learned that clean & sober is only part of my recovery - the rest is about taking responsibility for my actions, especially in relationships, and realizing that everything is part of my recovery.  I have to get up every day with a commitment to not let anything get between me and my recovery; constantly improve my relationship with my higher power, as I understand it; be grateful for all that I have; and, most of all, lead my life with tolerance and love.  All of this, and so much more, I learned from an incredible assortment of accepting people in 12-step programs.

    I agree that it doesn't work for some people and that there are many, many pathways to recovery.  But saying that in 12-step "they tell you that the substance abuse is the problem, and not the things--abuse, neglect, trauma--that led to it" really is misleading.


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