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View Diary: In Which Patterico Imperils Breitbart (41 comments)

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  •  How's that LE investigation going? (0+ / 0-)

    This double-reverse-triple-backflip-Democrats-entrapped AW in order to get BREITBART story is delightfull. I think you should run that by LE. Pat did report all of this to LE, correct? What's the status of the investigation?

    •  Not double reverse anything.... (0+ / 0-)

      You guys asked for simple.  

      A fake girl who wouldn't & didn't fool anyone (remember, she didn't fool a 21-year-old college woman, nor the randy Rep from NYC, nor Mrs. Preston, nor her researcher, Ron, according to them (all the smart people...and I guess she didn't fool Breitbart & Loesch either, according to Tommy) was never much of a sting threat, was she? (But you insist that was her plan, further asserting it was Pat's plan.)

      In fact, she only fooled Tommy Christopher, his boss, Mr. Hall, 16-year-old Ethel & the smitten stripper. (I suppose  they're all technicallly someone, but none of them is going to pass an FBI employment exam, ever.)

      So she didn't & couldn't  fool anyone important.. Therefore the theory that her sock master's plan was to take down a congressman with this lousy attempt isn't simple, it's wishful thinking with no chance of working.  So maybe stupid enough for Lee Stranahan's theory of the angry ex-girlfriend who doesn't think things through, but Pat?  If Pat were involved in a stupid scheme like this (as you describe it), he'd have thought about it for 3 minutes before starting, and chosen a different scheme.

      So your idea of simple only possibly fits with the young, psycho-angry ex-girlfriend theory. Only she would hatch such a hopeless plot.  Surely Pat is a lot smarter than that, even if you never agree with him about anything.

      Oh, and I guess she had Pat & Stranahan and a mess of others fooled for a bit, based solely on the alleged verification that Tommy Christopher risked his reputation on. But we have to be able to trust when reporters swear that they know something is true & verified (dear Tommy did say that), I suppose.

      But maybe next time, not so much when the only ones who've contacted Deep Throat are the now-famous Mediaite investigative team of Chrisopher & Hall.

      As for LE (Law Enforcement), I'm with you.  I'd like to know and so would you and others.  

      Pat says it's being worked on.  Stranahan does too.

      Neither has said of late which LE is working or what part they're working on.

      Stranahan has said that BPD told him that it does not believe that any threats were really made to the woman who filed the report.  He seems to have said that that case is closed.

      •  Oh yes, Pat is way too smart for that. (1+ / 0-)
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        Stranded Wind

        Pat is a freaking genius, no way would he create an O'Keefeian plan to sting a Congressman, he is just too darn smart for that. When LE comes around asking questions that's what you should tell them.

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