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  •  Galivanting in RVs? (2+ / 0-)
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    Shockwave, Val
    Frankly, many younger people see themselves as struggling while older folks go off galivanting in their RV's with seemnglyy no cares in the world and not having to work for what seem from the outside a pretty cushy life-style

    That's your problem right there.  Younger folks who look at "those lazy rich bastards in their RVs" need glasses.  Or maybe telescopes.  The problem is that they never even get to SEE the ones that are stealing their futures, and I'll give you a hint...they're not driving around the county in a big tin box on wheels.  (Except for maybe presidential candidates).

    I swear, if people in this country had more exposure to the top 1%, all this jealousy about retired old people and public union workers would look pretty damn silly.  But the 1% hides so well that people seem to forget they exist, which serves their purpose quite well.

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