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View Diary: Utøya Killer's lslamophobe Manifesto: The Attack on Multiculturalism Reaps a Bitter Harvest (141 comments)

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  •  Not Only 'Not Deranged' (9+ / 0-)

    I'm guessing the next few days will confirm the unrepentant little bastard intends to use his trial as a "people's court" soapbox to further promote his agenda.  It's hard to say how that won't happen, either.  It's all in his manifesto, manipulating the "weakness" of liberal democratic states to impose minority extremist policy on their populations through calculated and ruthless violence.

    The poisoned chalice is now passed to the Norwegian justice system; let's hope they find an effective way to navigate the process without permitting this mass murderer from achieving his cold and narcissistic purpose.

    One can only assume he knew perfectly well the odds of surviving the incident to harangue us inappropriately with his beliefs, having already demonstrated how relatively powerless we are to anticipate or prevent its repetition.  He's on a bizarre, pathological recruitment drive.

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