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  •  Happy Tuesday. (26+ / 0-)

    Sounds like a fun show.

    Had a few interesting reactions in my diary today.  I spoke directly to white folks, cause that what one sentence was directed to.  I said "You white folks."

    A few got upset, cause they were poor whites or beyond race or for other reasons (I was being divisive).  Most were well intended.  

    But they reacted because they saw me blaming "whites" for racism.  Well who the fuck else is responsible?

    I know you know this, but this was disheartening to me.  My diary was non-controversial, or should have been, especially in a Dem blog.  White folks on average have more wealth than black folks or hispanics.   The statistics show it, even if you subtract the top 2%, who for some reasons should not count according to a few.  

    My discussion with a self described poor, rural, unemployed white guy caused much despair.  Soft racism, but unable to see it.  He could not agree that blacks or hispanics had less on average.  It was important to make that thought go away.

    The elft, perhaps influenced by Marx and his various schools, has long sought a coailition of the poor.  MLK Jr. sought one also.  And there can be one, but soem folks just are going to refuse to join a biracial, bi-ethnic coalition.

    Southern and rural low income whites seem to view skin privilege as a higher value.

    And I don't see it changing.  David M and Phil used to write about economic populism when we were supporting Edwards, and economic populism can be an effective organizng tool, but it only goes so far.  Trumkla tried it when he asked union members to vote for Obama.

    But chasing poor white voters seems doomed to failurre for now if one is even partly honest about race in this nation.  

    This suggests that the Obama coalition of AAs, Hispanics, college educated whites, union members, women (execpt poor white women in the South who may be infected by race bias) is the way to go for now.  That in turn may explain the politics of Obama on deficits.  he's drawing lines, but he did propose some things that might get support of college educated independents.

    If I see that some people deny racism because they do not want to see it, it also is highly likely that I do also at times.  

    I'm nice, I try, I believe and I have an intellectual understanding of some things.  But I am white in a white dominant world, including Daily Kos.  Even if I don't want privleges, they are there all around me in ways I may not see.  So I likely am blind to my own racist attitudes  acts, even if my heart is good.

    This is a reason to listen to others with an open mind and heart.

    Did you notice that my diary on wealth differences among whites and minorities (AAs and hispanics) made the rec list, but faded fast.  So did MB's.

    We both were sharing an inconvenient truth that many do not want to hear.

    We are going nowhere as progressives until we deal with racism and its effects.

    The American people must wise up and rise up!

    by TomP on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 01:15:50 PM PDT

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