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  •  Well, we all wanted change... (0+ / 0-)

    And the R's are bringing about the default of the United States of America.

    For the last week, I've been fretting that the D's were going to do their usual thing...huff and puff, and then do whatever the R's told them to do.

    But I have a funny feeling that this situation might just be so big and so historical in nature, that the regular rules of society/politics don't really work here. The stakes are just too big to continue to be pushed around, and have horrible bills forced down the throats of the D's...bills that ultimately harm the country anyway.

    Hopefully, the R's are FORCED to do what we have to do  all the time...swallow our pride and do what is best for the country. Usually, we are doing it with the taste of the end of the gun the R's have in our mouths leaving
    a metallic aftertaste.

    I want to get excited about the possibility that the D's might actually stand up for themselves and fight back, and force the R's to compromise...but just when I think I might begin to feel that way, I remember every fight we've been in for the last two years.

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