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View Diary: Status Quo Busters: How FDL+DK+DU progressives can 'cross the beams' and revolutionize politics (21 comments)

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    though I'm sympathetic to the large, centralized protests, or even camps, I have my doubts that they're most effective for creating the changes that we need. I want to be able to look out my window, and see somebody creatively propagating a political message, every day. Especially to the unblogged masses.

    I attended a large anti-war protest in Washington, D.C., prior to the Iraq invasion. Hardly any congress critters bothered to show up. I was limping along on a sore knee, and nearly broke, but those jerks couldn't bother even showing up and defending whatever position they held. I have little patience for supplicating Congress critters. I'm more into telling them what to do, and holding them to their promises, and if they don't do so, then firing them, come the next election. If we're not able to fire them, but our positions are popular ones, that means that we, the people, have not done the organizing spadework.

    Thus, I think it's wiser to invest time and energy engaging my fellow citizens, with a view to enrolling them into a voting bloc that shares at least some of my values. Reaching out to the unblogged masses in my neighborhood seems the way to go, and hopefully the new converts will join an electorally aggressive proto-voting bloc, similar in aggressiveness to the Tea Parties.

    Tea Party members have been seeing returns for their activist efforts, but at the national level, I don't see progressives achieving much of anything, when they are opposing plutocratic interests. IMO, we need more progressives in Congress, who are either bolder, or else more afraid of the voters who put them there, and that hold progressive positions on various issues.

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