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View Diary: Part II - "!No Pasaran!" - The Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Fight against Fascism in Spain (65 comments)

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  •  It is not predictable, J&H (2+ / 0-)
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    JekyllnHyde, 4Freedom

    You should feel confident that you are producing a really high-quality series on a historical subject about which not nearly enough is known. Your photos are magnificent, your writing superb. The subject matter is intrinsically interesting.

    Are we in a pre-fascist situation right now? Maybe.

    History is full of what ifs? What if the Allies had sided with the Republic against the fascists in Spain? One result is that Spaniards would not have had to put up with fascism until 1975-- thirty years after the fascists and Nazis were defeated elsewhere in Europe and Asia.

    Our crucible is that anti-communism dominates everything that happens in the United States beginning in 1945 until the present day. It is irrational but it is so. I commend you for opening this door on relevant history that was buried under the altar of anti-communism, a burial that does no one any good.

    Americans should be rational enough to discuss the good and bad points of different economic systems. Say that louder than a whisper and the reaction is apoplectic.

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