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    So after the turnaround with my neighbor, today at work  brought further news on a similar front.  My boss, the millionaire who voted for McCain-Palin, came into my office to discuss the debt ceiling/deficit reduction fracas currently unfolding. He was livid and totally blames the Republicans.  He -- of course, like a Wall St type -- is concerned about the effects of failing to raise the debt ceiling, so he thinks the GOP is now run by a pack of lunatics (I could have told him that in 2006... but that was not the moment for an "I told you speech.")  But he was also insistent that we have to have revenue (tax) increases, and said that even though he knows he would get hit, he sees it as the only realistic option (proving the argument that even some of the rich are willing to buy the shared sacrifice argument).  But the thing that made him livid was Boehner's speech.  He said it was the most disgraceful display he'd seen by a House Speaker towards a president of the country.  We discussed House Cryer's lies (I had just read Meteor Blades piece on it  so it was fresh in my mind and I was able to point out the utter mendacity of Boehnr)... And by the end of the conversation, my boss said: "Well, I am just going to say that for the first time in my life, I intend on voting straight ticket Democrat in 2012.  Obama and the Democrats in the Congress are at least putting America first."  He's an old military guy, so he actually DOES put country first, thus, I  believe him.  

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