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    My sister called me tonight & asked what I thought about the speech. I asked her why? She does not follow politics & wanted to tell me her point of view. Since I am kind of a political/news junkie I was interested in her view. She said at first she was annoyed that her show was not on. Then she listened to the president and said she didn't really even understand what it was all about, had never heard any of this before & was sort of confused about the details. Then, she says, this greasy guy came on next (she didn't even know who Boehner was!) and ,she went on , he was a total liar. "I don't even get it, but I didn't believe a word he said, I wouldn't have believed him if he told me the sky was blue." And, she finished, she did not like the way he ended his speech as if HE were the president of the United States. LOL
    FYI I gave her my best brief explanation of events leading up to now and asked if she would do as the pres. asked & email her reps. I don't know if she will.  So EVEN the very uninformed got a good idea of who was being truthful.(I am making her sound stupid - but she is very smart & very busy & just doesn't plug in to this stuff much at all)
    Even my republican boss(who jokingly calls me a treehugging lefty) was upset at no compromising.

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