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View Diary: The New Class War: Corporate jets vs. corporate shareholders (54 comments)

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  •  I fly corporate jets (1+ / 0-)
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    so this is my ox being gored. As you read the following keep that in mind. ( just tryin to be up front here.)

    It annoys me that the 23 mil salary mentioned above is accepted, but the half mil. jet time is a pariah. Mebbe that company would have had to fork over 25 mil to keep this character market and all, highest bidder getting the talent, and thus got a bargain with the travel perk....just sayin...

    As for my experience driving the plane. The folks we carry are using their time to get company bidness done in a secure private environment where the only nonproductive time that they have is the walk through the parking lot and on to the plane. They do have to put their toys away for takeoff and landing but that's literally just a few seconds of lost time.

    Compare that with a trip through the TSA charade, and the cramped very public ride on a crowd killer (our name for's a joke....jeeze). No proprietary work allowed, an hour shot on each end of the ride on a good day and....well you get the pitcher.

    This 23 mil/year character makes lemme see 23 mil divided by 3000 hrs/year......carry the nine, drop the one....$7666.66/hour. The jet starts to look a little smarter when you look at the numbers. Throw in a couple of his cheaper pals, you know, the 2K/hr schleps and it gets even smarter.

    As for the vacay travel, think about the hassle of a change of trip plans on the airlines. Then think about the foo hitting the fan and the leadership team needing to respond immediately. With Cattle Car Airways it could be several hours before the crisis team could be assembled and the crisis addressed. With corporate planes, communications, secure and private, begin when they get on board and they can get to the meeting point on their schedule, being productive the whole way.

    I'm for closing the loopholes, raising all of our taxes and taking away the accelerated depreciation of the company plane. But I  want you to know that the planes are not party barges with nekkid eye candy bouncing around all over the place, they're tools...just like phones and faxes and cars. They're just easier to complain about.

    Now.....Sit Down...Shut Up and Keep your feet off of my seats, and for the gazillionth time....yes you have to stow your laptop for takeoff!



    •  Yeah, but just cause the tool gets (0+ / 0-)

      Paid $7666 an hour doesn't mean he earns that pay.  And cattle car travel is good enough for those of us who actually work for a living, but not good enough for the tool who might have to get to the next crisis in a hurry?  What crisis?  Ran out of premium vodka and extra virgin olives at the corporate retreat in Maui?  Haven't they ever heard of a PHONE??  Instantaneous communication, what a concept!  I'm all for you keeping your job, I just don' think your employer ought to be able to subsidize your salary with taxpayer money!

      •  Yes, it kinda is (0+ / 0-)

        I want my major executives to keep working. When I have to work on a plane, it is incredibly difficult and uncomfortable, TSA sucks, too much downtime, too tired when you get to your destination, flight times don't match my schedule well, etc.

        It seems to be a lot of jealously from people, honestly.

        •  "your" major executives . . . . . .? Interesting. (0+ / 0-)

          In what sense are they "yours"?

          "Jealousy"?  Dude, you ain't even SEEN jealousy until the people with pitchforks show up.

          Just ask Marie Antionette what happened when people got "jealous" of her. . . . . . . . . . . .

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