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View Diary: The New Class War: Corporate jets vs. corporate shareholders (54 comments)

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    Despite all their happy talk about "everyone owns stock shares now--democratic capitalism hooray!!!" the dirty little secret is that stock ownership is, like wealth and income, heavily centralized in the hands of the few at the top. No Fortune 500 company is owned by a pension fund or a 401k or a bunch of grandmas. Majority stock shares are owned by the uber-wealthy at the top--and they are the ones who own the company and get most of the dividends, not the piddly little shareholders.

    All the talk about mom-and-pop stockholders "owning" the corporations, is pure horse shit.  If you own stock shares, or an IRA, when's the last time "your" hired management called you and asked you to make a business decision, or form a strategy for the new plant, or decide whether to give the workers a raise?  "Owning" a company ain't what it used to be, is it . . . .

    The little stockholders "own" nothing. No one cares what they think; no one asks their opinion; no one pays the slightest attention to them.  The big boys merely take your money, use it to make even more for themselves, then magnanimously hand you back a small portion of it and say "thanks". Chumps.

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