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  •  I spent my child moving (0+ / 0-)

    My dad was a corp pilot until I graduated high school then he went to the bigger plane. He then got "old" and moved back to corp and now a instructor.

    In those 14 years, 14 because he was in the navy until I was 4, I have seen responsible use of planes and just crazy use. The just crazy users ended up selling the plane in a year or two.

    His first job was with this wonderful company that was flying a Navaho at the time. The pay wasn't much and my dad swore the chief pilot couldn't read. Every so often after my dad left they would call to have him sub for a sick pilot or offer him the job that was opened. They moved up to a jet about 2 years out of my dad leaving. Their use of the plane was simple, a business tool. Small towns in the south it was faster to get around via the plane than time on the road. This company still has a plane, and still are up and running 30 years later.

    Contrast it to the 2nd job a year and half later. This company had a Citation, new and shiny. Another Co-pilot position for dad. This company used the plane for business but most of the trips where weeks out to ski, hunt, vacations. Within 6 months my dad was unemployed. They couldn't afford the plane anymore, the company went bankrupt.

    My dad's last corp job he worked for this business that after 1 month they sold their flag ship. They then made my dad work two jobs, dad being older in the young man game couldn't go back to the big planes because of his age. So he did it. The owner had him work in a parts department and then drag him around the country flying  the owners girl friend to ballgames, to shopping, vacations. To give you an idea of this dirt ball, he told his girl friend she had to quit her job to spend time with him. She fought about it but gave in before they set the wedding date. One day on a whim he looked at her and told her it was over. She had sold her house at his request, he kicked her and her 7 year old out, took her car he gave her because hers was embarrassing. Needless to say his business went south and the plane had to go. Of course instead of giving my dad a heads up he gave him a 3 hour warning. He was poed when my dad's books were perfect and they showed defiantly that the owner was the screw up not my dad.

    My personal belief, though it would be hard on my family personally, is that all must be taxed, but damn it if it is toy tax it even more. Not just that, their flight logs should be inspected to see just what they are using the plane for so it can be taxed more for the joy ride.

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