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  •  It's been a long hard road so far... (12+ / 0-)

    I do have my own business, in residential remodeling.  Right there you can see the problem we've been facing.  We didn't work AT ALL in 2010.

    Finally now in Summer 2011, things have picked up.  We have a couple of good jobs going now but we're so far in the hole (no debt at all at the time of The Crash of October 2008), everything we make is going into that black hole.  All of our savings and assets are gone.  We're literally living paycheck to paycheck, and juggling obligations (a tricky two-step) to keep the cash-flow rolling so we can stay in business.

    It's hard.  It's really hard.  But at least we still have shelter and food (a little better quality food since we're working, but still lots of kosher hotdogs and spaghetti dinners, I admit).  Gas prices are an unexpected drain.  Dammit.

    And every time I feel so discouraged, so hopeless to pull outta this slide down the drain, I think about others, millions of Americans who are in even more dire circumstances, and my heart goes out to them.

    I think you are right, laurustina, for deciding to get proactive rather than reactive.   I'll think of what you've written here when our current work subsides and we have nothing on the horizon.  We have no more safety net at all.

    We have a sardonic description around our household for our current circumstance:  "the level of insolvency to which we have become accustomed."  Ugh.

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