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  •  I'm only 20, and I'm already tired and feel (7+ / 0-)

    hopeless about not just this, but politics in general. I have such deep admiration for those of you, far older than I, who have fought their entire lives for what is right and just against such a broken, evil, corrupt system. I'm sincerely thinking of moving to the only foreign country where I have family that I'm in regular contact with (Uruguay) (and also, the only country that would take a 20 year old with no college degree) because I just feel like there isn't any hope here, and that what is bad now is about to get a WHOLE lot worse, and that coming from a lower-middle class family that has always been that, or worse, hey, how much further down the ladder can I slide (and perhaps if I stay here, working crap jobs with little hope, even with my degree-in-progress, of getting further up the ladder, I'd find out how much further I can) and maybe something new is exactly what I need. /rant

    O sistema faz o povo lutar contra o povo, mas na verdade o nosso inimigo é outro. O inimigo usa terno e gravata, mas ao contrário a gente aqui é que se mata, através do álcool, através da droga.

    by bozepravde15 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 04:06:03 PM PDT

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