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  •  I really don't CARE how you feel about Obama. (2+ / 0-)
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    jan4insight, Quicklund

    the fact is, if the tehadists take the cake in 2012, things will get so much worse for Main Street that it will make the present unpleasantness seem like a picnic.

    And you're apparently willing to risk that because you FEEL bad about Obama?

    There's a word for people who put their own feelings above the good of the country.  It's "Republican".

    "The future of man is not one billion of us fighting over limited resources on a soon-to-be dead planet. . .I won't go back into the cave for anyone."

    by Whimsical on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 04:02:05 PM PDT

    •  You just proved the diarist's point (3+ / 0-)
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      joe pittsburgh, costello7, Sunspots

      Plus, no Republican president would dare touch Social Security or Medicare because they would face fierce opposition by the Democrats. But a Democratic president was allowed to dismantle "welfare as we know it," and now another one is setting his eyes on Social Security and Medicare. At this point, the lesser of two evils rationale can no longer be rationally sustained.

      •  What point? (2+ / 0-)
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        aoeu, Whimsical

        That if you post a troll diary, someone will inevitably respond?

        Don't panic. Demonstrate.

        by Quicklund on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 04:58:07 PM PDT

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        •  How is this a troll diary? (0+ / 0-)

          Please, do tell. I DO have a point, you know. In fact, I am trying to HELP people like you. I am telling you, based on  my opinions and what I have seen, which strategies of the Obama supporters do and do not work. That is useful information, if you want to garner more support for our president, you need to know what works and what doesn't. Hint: yelling at people and calling their thoughts "troll diaries" doesn't work. But you knew that already.

    •  There is a difference (0+ / 0-)

      between criticism of our leaders and being against our leaders. Those who can't reconcile the two have limited intellectual capacity, and, are very much following a Republican or conservative model of political life. That model involves lock-step obedience, squelching of dissent, and punishment of those who dare mention anything unfavorable about the person in power -- in a word, authoritarianism.

      The very nature of being a Democrat involves placing a premium value on the right to criticize our leaders without fear of retribution. It is what makes us Democrats, progressives, liberals, or whatever. It's who we are and what we do. I am disappointed in Obama, too, but that doesn't mean I want to elect Republicans, and I resent being reacted to as if I am an enemy of the party should I dare say anything critical of the president. People who do that are confused about the values of our party, and what our side of humanity stands for. Republicans maintain power by force and censorship. Democrats maintain power through justice and tolerance and truth.

      Most people who behave in this authoritarian manner are not really at fault entirely. They just have limited life experience. Most of them were raised during or after the reign of Reagan, and they have simply never known of any other way to run a political railroad. They believe the strategies and social control methods valued by Republicans and conservatives are universally necessary for political success -- the only thing that works. They believe critics must be silenced and punished, and they think they are supporting the party by doing that. Since they have never seen any other way of doing things, they simply follow the only model they have seen succeed in their political lifetimes -- the Republican model.

      It is up to those of us who remember a different means to political success to attempt to explain to these people that criticism is good. It is what makes us shine. We are proud of it. What these people need to understand is that most of us who criticize Obama will still vote for him and campaign for him. Unlike the false beliefs the Republican model is based on, political attitudes are not "all or nothing". Because there are things about you I don;t like does not mean I hate you. That is what makes us different from the other side. We not only have a right, but a responsibility, to criticize our leadership. Unless we do that, the hope for more and better will vanish.

      Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.
      Mark Twain

      by phaktor on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 09:37:48 PM PDT

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