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  •  We are facing bleak times. (6+ / 0-)

    Because the Tea Party WANTS us to default; because Mitch has said publically that his number one priority is to make Obama a one-term President; because Boehner is, at best, dysfunctional as a leader;because years of lock-step Republican party discipline effectively prevents defection; because of shock doctrine economic class warfare; because Obama has bought into the austerity myth--I see no way out.  

    Arrest the R's for treason? I would love to, but that's not practical. Ask the Supremes for an emergency ruling? After 2000, I don't think so.  

    When I was seven, I played a chess game with my uncle. He was so clever. He kept trying to figure out my tactic. I didn't have a strategy, I was just making one illogical move at a time, with no real hope of winning. He was essentially playing 11th dimensional chess, and I beat him.  

    Now, I think this debt limit debate is fundamentally illogical. America has plenty of money. It is nonsensical for the rating agencies to be dictating public policy (they certainly have not distinguished themselves in economic competency during the last ten years). But Obama is, for some reason, listenning to the foxes who are about to loot the henhouse. He is trying to logically negotiate with terrorists.  

    I say, put a clean debt-ceiling vote up in each house, pass it, and move on. I say we need to get busy electing a sane Congress this fall.  

    And I've stocked up on beans, rice, toilet paper, and cat food. And liquor. Because I think that whatever happens, we are going to be totally screwed for a while, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. No matter who "wins," we are all going to be the losers.

    x-posted to Digby's comments, too.

    "Shared pain is pain lessened; shared joy is joy increased."--Spider Robinson

    by Maggie Pax on Tue Jul 26, 2011 at 06:02:00 PM PDT

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