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    The people you're talking about want an EASY button.  They don't want more work or dissension.  What's the first thing they teach you in school?  Get in a line....GET IN LINE!!!  They want standardization in the schools and in surprises.   That way, they can point to the exceptional of their choosing and promote those things or people.  It's pretty simple, it's just a way to control the masses, and has been going on for centuries.  Education is the new/old religion.  

    My daughter always thought differently when reading a passage than I did.  Very outside the box thinking, and I'd ask her why.  She'd have a damn good explanation that made me think maybe I was looking at it in a very narrow fashion....and I was...a narrow view taught in school.  A good lesson for everyone who feels their kids aren't getting it....the way "they" say to get it.    

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