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View Diary: Boehner' debt plan getting no meaningful support from GOP presidential candidates (56 comments)

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  •  Obama will own a default. (0+ / 0-)

    He's the president, the economic consequences will lie first on him.

    Remember, the GOP Congress was very unpopular after the government shutdown in 1996 and the Clinton impeachment.

    But in 2000, they had Bush, who could pose as a Washington outsider, being a governor of Texas. He was untainted by all those battles the Congressional Republicans engaged in.

    He claimed to be a "uniter, not a divider;" this after the Republican Congress had waged the most vicious and dirty campaign to drag Clinton through the mud. He claimed to be nonpartisan, that he could work with Democrats as he had as governor, that he was a "compassionate conservative", etc.

    That's why none of these GOP candidates are taking a position right now. They don't want to involve themselves in the debacle. They want to keep clean until after the ax falls and the dust has settled. Then they can come in and pose as bipartisan uniters, fixing the problems the Republican House caused.

    If there is a default, Obama's reelection depends on how he handles the economic consequences. It is not clear that he has the will to make use of any of the remedies that are ostensibly available to him under the 14th Amendment, or otherwise.

    He may choose to do quite unpredictable and destructive things. He has, after all, claimed that a default would prevent the government from honoring Social Security checks. In the event of a default, he would either have to issue those checks--proving himself a liar. Or he could make a breathtakingly cynical move, partially or entirely withhold them, and blame the Republicans.

    One hopes he would choose the former, out of simple decency at least if nothing else. But I really don't know how he would handle it, and I hope we don't find out.

    "In America, the law is king." --Thomas Paine

    by limpidglass on Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 11:04:16 AM PDT

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