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View Diary: Credit Where Credit Is Due: Some People Need Reminding (20 comments)

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  •  Yeah, there is a small contingent here (8+ / 0-)

    that appear to hate our president as much as the GOP.  They have their talking points, which blame everything on the Presidnet, and they wont be swayed.  I don't mind them until they start talking about Lawrence O'Donnell, and Harry Reid, and other Democrats as DINOs.  At that point they are doing far more damage than good.  

    I do believe there is a small subset of this group that has some delusions of grandeur.  They think they can be the tea party of the left, and force the party to move further in that direction, Not that I disagree with the party being further left.  The problem is that the tea party has tapped into a combination of Low IQ/low information, rage, and prejudice to move their agenda forward.  However they have to keep them motivated by throwing red meat, and they seem to be developing a large appetite.  Too much red meat and they turn off the more moderate Republicans and independents.  They could end up destroying the Republican party.  

    That is even the goal of some of the groups.  Republicans are just soooo liberal.  

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