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View Diary: Weinergate Perps Pay Dearly (24 comments)

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  •  For a metaphor I knew a fellow once (3+ / 0-)

    who did very well financially by identifying unwanted real estate, stocks, businesses, inventories, and almost anything else of value and which were for sale at below market value or FMV.

    In addition to buying undervalued properties, he was also able to identify properties about ready to take off in value and his talent was to be able to identify undervalued properties that were due to appreciate in the short term and making his money on the difference.

    I guess it is the same with relationships; many men undervalue their wives of 20 years and yearn for next year's model when their wives have the value of knowledge and experience which is undervalued by him. Add to that that women grow more beautiful as they age as experience and time adds new symmetries in the progression of the process.  That new beauty is also frequently undervalued.

    Like diamonds strewn along a busy roadway so often these women are ignored because so many men fail to ever understand what they have passed by or thrown away    

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