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    Bill Maher is not one of the major or pushy political pundits, he's an entertainer and seems to truly call them as he sees them.  And unlike a lot of pro-Obama supporters here, he's not a hater in search of an outlet.  He has and manages to keep friends on The Other Side.  Because he can see where they come from, even though it is disagreeable and twisted, because it's still human and not entirely unreasonable.

    What annoys me more is diaries like these, which is part of the ongoing Pravda-ization of DKos for Obama.   A sneering put-down op-ed listing social flaws and making insinuations about some Obama critic...I guess that's not a tragedy per se.  It's when it gets obsessive and every Joanna Random Obama Supporter feels entitled to write one and doesn't even understand that convicting a comedian of thoughtcrime is sort of like prosecuting a car dealer for selling cars.

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