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  •  Unfortunately - (0+ / 0-)

    I fear that this is a "pearls before swine" comment.

    •  Oink Oink ... I'm not getting this -- (1+ / 0-)
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      As I understand it the Center Party was a Catholic political front,  that tended to put it's members' religious sensibilities a little ahead of their Pan-Germanic patriotism.

      But overall, it stood in opposition to the NDSP ... and disbanded within a year of the passage of the Enabling Act which it HAD voted .... remembering  that the Enabling Act required  2/3 majority, which it got -- with the help of considerable physical intimidation of non-NDSP Reichstag Members.

      So if the Bush Republicans are the NDSP,  "who" is the CP ?

      Is this a case of "The weak and timid Mother, failed to protect her Child from the Abusive Husband" with the Democrats playing the role of the battered spouse, the Republic the "Child" and and the RW as the domestic terrorist ?

      Actually ... come to think of it ... my beef with Obama and the Semicrats DOES operate along those lines:
      there's one Party intent on harming me and the other Party has better things to do than to protect me.

      That's what I understand "political kabuki" to mean.

      •  Adam - (1+ / 0-)
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        In exchange for a concordat - the Pope urged the Centre Party to agree to the Enabling Act - with a few sops promised to Catholic leaders. Centre Party support was essential to creating the Nazi state.

        I suspect that Neroden is suggesting that Obamists are the current Centre Party -
        but I will let him/her actually say so.

        "Centre Party" = most obscene of handmaidens

        •  That's the narrative I was raised with too ... (0+ / 0-)

          that the Centre Party was essential to creating the Nazi state.   In fact I've used this figure a couple of times myself, but the sound of crickets chirping ... not to mention the outraged howls of Catholic Democrats got me to rethinking my original opinion.

          More recent reading has caused me to question, not the bare fact that the Centre Party DID indeed vote for the Enabling Act ...  but since ALL the non-Communist political parties also voted for it -- why blame the Catholics political agency in particular ?  And still, at that late date, was the CP essential to the Nazi ascendency ... or was it merely helpful?

          But ... OK ... the Vatican State did exert enormous influence on (if not exactly 'over') the CP  and Pius XII wanted that Concordat.

          And when the Concordat and the Enabling Act (disastrously) became fait accomplait an indecent number of CP members joined the NDSP. after the CP disbanded.  (Of course an indecent number of German Protestants accepted the reorganized Evangelical Reformed (Offical Party) Lutheran Church, too.

          The SP pursued its own Sectarian interest, and in so doing made accommodations with the NDSP -- as did many others -- so that in the end both the CP and the German Republic were left to the non-existent tender mercies of the Nazis.

          So yeah ... on second thought,  I can see it.  The comparison works.  The CP isn't nearly as awful as the Nazis ... but it does precious little against them that is remotely effective.

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