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When I have a job.......


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    When I have a job the alarm rings in the morning. My arm reaches from the nest of my new sheets instead of my current threadbare ones. My hand slaps down on the off button and I sit up in my new pjs and slip my feet into my slippers. I slip into the shower and wash my now once monthly cut hair with the good shampoo that keeps my hair from being a knotted rats nest. I use styling products, make up and put on my work clothing. I may even put on a costume jewelry piece. I get up my children and put them into clothes that actually fit. I then feed them a real breakfast instead of having them pick up a .30 cent reduced breakfast at school. My husband showers uses the same products and non cheap toothpaste and mouth wash. I stop for my morning caffeine, and actually fill up my tank. I drive my husband to work, drop off my kids and give them 2.10 each for lunch instead of the .40 each for reduced lunch. My son goes to full day kindergarten because I can afford the 300 dollars a month for the honor to do so here.

I pull in to the office and work gainfully achieving something. I may even splurge once every two weeks to buy lunch, and maybe have my husband do so as well.

After work I pick up my kids from after school care, where they do their homework, get tutored, and play. I pick up my husband as well. We drop the kids off at once weekly extra, soccer, karate, dance whatever they chose. That once weekly day we may eat out. If not we eat from the full pantry that we haven't had in years. I get online and pay all my bills not just the what has to be paid or it gets cut off. I pay on all my past bills. I arrange for meds not taken in months to be filled. We go to bed and repeat.

When I have a job on the weekends we would spend the 6 dollars for a paddle boat rental on the lake. Maybe buy some camping equipment to use at one of our national parks, maybe go to Worlds of Fun, or St. Louis, or the just the zoo. We would ride the bikes we had bought, or just go for a drive to look at historic houses and eat at a mom and pop cafe. When I have a job I could look at my kids and say you want ice cream.

The thing is I don't have a job. It should say if I had a job. If I had a job I would be paying into taxes, paying into society, helping the economy move forward. I would not need to go to food banks, have reduced lunch, my kids would not have schip, I would have things for my health.

Jobs, not debt limits is what is needed. These things are what makes social spending cost less. These things raises tax revenue. They strengthen the economy.

Every little thing above and more. Little things that give others jobs, it grows. For every job there are 4 others that are affected if not more. A job is the gift that keeps giving.

Rosalie907 diary on the 7/25 is a good read on the subject. Give her some love please.


9:11 PM PT: I want to thank everyone. I rather do it personally, but I need to hit the hay 5:30 am comes quick and I have to drop the other middle off for his work, thankfully.

I wish every unemployed, under employed would sing their song. I wish we could fill the media of all forms. I wish they would see us for what we are and what we are not. What we contribute to society.

For all the union brothers and sisters walking the line, for all the people checking us out, sitting in their cubes. Everyone plugging day today, sing your song and flood the world. For all the volunteers and activist. We are humans not numbers. Not dollar signs. Yet we ARE the economy, we trickle up to the tops wallet, not the other way around. Together we can face the world.

I am grateful for DailyKos because it allows me to sing, yell, cry, vent, communicate with others even when one person at the other side of the "internets" reads it or 100.  

Thank you again for reading.

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Originally posted to the mom in the middle on Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 09:46 AM PDT.

Also republished by Personal Storytellers, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Income Inequality Kos, Progressive Hippie, The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, and Community Spotlight.

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