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In The Oil Companies We Trust

The keys to vast reserves of oil off the coast of Alaska may have been handed to Shell this week after President Barack Obama's administration granted it provisional permission to drill exploration wells in the Beaufort Sea's frigid waters despite fierce opposition from environmentalists.
Shell's record for polluting is excellent pdf.
Shell’s Big Dirty Secret
Insight into the world’s most carbon intensive oil company and the legacy of CEO Jeroen van der Veer
Communities in the Niger Delta have struggled against gas flaring pollution for more than 50 years. The Ogoni region was one of the regions where Shell was most active. Back in 1970, one Ogoni protest song went: “The flames of Shell are hell, We bask beneath their light, None for us save the blight, Of cursed neglect and cursed Shell.”
Are we supposed to believe them when they say; but, but this time things will be different?

Can you hear the cash registers ringing?

Pete Slaiby, a Shell vice-president in Alaska, added: "We feel very good about it. It's one of the road marks we wanted to see. It makes us very happy."
I bet; another delicate ecosystem they can fuck up and make money at the same time.

Greed is good, past catastrophes are forgotten: "Drill Baby Drill!"

Hey Alaska good news  all this can be yours as well:

But, but you can clean up later...

The UN study published yesterday found carcinogens up to 900 times above World Health Organisation levels in drinking water in one area.

The study describes how polluted sites that Shell claimed it had cleaned up were found by UN experts to be still polluted.

Lest we forget.

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As for jobs, there are millions of jobs if only there was the will. people talk of a double dip recession here is a way out, I wish we would take it..

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