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(Also at Nevada Progressive)

My member of Congress appeared at a "public event" today... Where the public were kicked out. Why? Well, we had some inconvenient truths to remind him of.

These are the ppl who were kicked out of &quot;open meeting&q... on Twitpic

#WorkingClass #Nevada citizens got kicked out of &quot;open m... on Twitpic

In 1st &quot;public event&quot; since #Congress went 2 recess... on Twitpic


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Wow. So much for Joe Heck wanting to "meet with the public". In the first "public event" since Congress started August Recess, Joe Heck sat for a "discussion" with Nevada Energy Forum... Which is really part of American Petroleum Institute, which is really a front group that the oil industry uses to promote destructive extraction efforts and deny the reality of the climate crisis. Oh yes, "man of the people" Joe Heck took part in an oil industry funded event that turned away working people looking for answers. And not only that, but the organizers even kicked out someone who RSVPed simply because she wore a Sierra Club t-shirt. (And worse, she wasn't even taking in a sign or being confrontational at all!)

So our Congressman is cozying up to Big Oil today at a fancy resort in his first week back in Southern Nevada and lets his Big Oil friends keep the "pesky public" out of a supposedly "public event".

Maybe this is why he and his dirty energy buddies were shaking in their boots today:

We know Heck has said some crazy things before, but he must especially be afraid of us catching onto his bait and switch on "creating jobs". He likes to talk about it an awful lot, but he actually opposes climate action that can save our planet while also creating many new good jobs here in Nevada!

This is what Joe Heck is defending:

And these are the real Nevadans that Joe Heck doesn't care about:

Nevada's future is in renewable energy, and so is our entire nation's. Harry Reid gets it, and so does Shelley Berkley. So why won't Joe Heck or Dean Heller work with the rest of Nevada's Congressional Delegation to create more jobs here in Nevada while also taking important action on climate change? Are they that beholden to Big Oil and the rest of the fossil fuel industry that they're willfully blinded to reality?

Oh wait, I can answer my own question. We were turned away by Joe Heck's dirty energy, dirty money BFFs. No wonder why he didn't actually want questions from the public.

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Originally posted to atdnext on Tue Aug 09, 2011 at 03:02 PM PDT.

Also republished by DK GreenRoots, Progressive Policy Zone, Nevada Kossacks, Kosowatt, and Climate Hawks.

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