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Hearts are very heavy in Indianapolis since the horrible accident at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night. The story seems to change frequently, so I'll just provide a link to the Indianapolis Star if you're interested in reading or seeing the incredible pictures.



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One thing I can say about we "Hoosiers," though, is that we are a stubborn & resilient lot, so we will move on with life the best we can being ever mindful of what has been lost.

Let's add some SPARK to our Monday evening! "This one time at band camp..." Look at what Rahm Emanuel has wrought upon Chicago in his mayorship! Do y'all have any idea how badly chicken poo STINKS?! Check out this WWII Brit plan for Adolph Hitler. Hell hath no fury like a woman Hitler scorned! Finally, here's an "AAAAaaaaaWWWWwwww!" story I think we can all use.

Let's Countdown...

Keith's back must still be ailing because David Shuster is pinch - hitting again tonight; get well soon, Keith & thank you David!

#5 "5,000 Iowans Can't be Wrong" AKA "Straw Votes" AKA "Bachmania" AKA "Tea Party Over?" - Bat$hit Bachmann won the meaningless straw poll in Ames this past weekend. And, my Friday prediction about Little Timmy came true; please let the door hit ya' where the good Lord split ya'! AND, we officially have another bat$hit butt in the GOBP 2012 clown car.


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said a moderate GOBP candidate is necessary. Where has she been?! A "moderate" GOBPer is as out of style as leg warmers! It looks like Bat$hit Bachmann had an "interesting" visit to MTP on Sunday.


Nia Malika Henderson gets post - straw poll analysis. Mittens Romney couldn't tell the difference between IA & NH. Well, I've never been to NH, but I've been to IA, and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts they're a damn sight different! He's already trying to distinguish himself between him & Governor Secession. Bat$hit Bachmann's not really appearing on GOBP NH's radar screens - GOOD! They never liked GWB, either?! Double plus good!! Jon Huntsman is putting all his POTUS eggs in the NH basket; he better make note of how well Little Timmy putting all his eggs in the IA basket worked. Some tea baggers are wondering if their little cabal steeped too soon. ;D Here's our Great Orange Satanic Leader! TurdBlossom's worried about the GOBP POTUS field moving too far to the right?! HA! Markos thinks it's because he wants a GOBPer to win & knows a bat$hitter might not do too well in a general election. Rep. Ron Paul came within a percentage point of winning on Saturday? Golly!

#4 "Back on Board" AKA "Shared Sacrifice" - President Obama has his own bus that he's taking on the road - mainly in the Midwest - namely MN, IA, & IL. Gee, I can't imagine why he's not stopping in my fair state; he probably knows he's going to lose here in 2012. President Obama might be pushing the "shared sacrifice" theme on the subject of economic recovery. That might not be such a good idea considering he extended the GWB tax cuts for the super rich & signed onto the Satan sandwich with a side of steaming pile of poo that's going to cut jobs in the long run! There might be a fissure among President Obama's advisors concerning how to go at the subject of jobs & the craptacular economy. Some want him to push an aggressive jobs bill; others want more piece - meal efforts that have a better chance in Congress. Neither has a chance in this Congress, so he might as well go for the gusto & at least look like he's fighting for the disappearing middle class!


Warren Buffet wrote an op - ed today yelling for Congress to stop coddling the rich. Most Americans agree. The GOBP during the "debate" totally all rejected any tax increases of any sort. Robert Reich gets jobs & economy duty. Most Americans need jobs right now, and he thinks a new stimulus or aggressive jobs bill is necessary. He also thinks President Obama is trying to be too much like Bill Clinton & be "above" politics. President Clinton had a faboo economy behind him; President Obama obviously does not. We might nearly be too late to do much of anything to make a dent in the unemployment figures & economic trends.

"Time Marches On!" - There's some big 'ol rube goldberg contraption in Pittsburgh, PA. Oh no, this jack - in - the - box thing is not going to end well, and I was correct! A dude may or may not have won $50K with a hockey shot in MN.

#3 "Perry Nice to Meet You" AKA "Fact Checking Perry" - Governor Secessionist has an interesting idea of his accomplishments in the role. TX has had job growth - or not. Population has gone up, but wages have gone down. Oil & gas jobs are killing the rest of the country. He's also *itching about people not enough paying income taxes when TX doesn't have an income tax. The Governator also talked about too much taxation when the tax rates under President Obama are the lowest ever. TurdBlossom & Governor Secession DO NOT get along. Familiarity breeds contempt? Steve Benen gets Governor Secession duty. He even sounds like GWB! *&^%$#@! He called the GOBP 2012 POTUS campaign "fact free"; that's being charitable.

#2 "Christie's Charge" - Rape victims in NJ get charged for their rape kits after an attack. NJ state legislatures passed a bill to reverse that; the Governator has not signed it in 10 weeks. Didn't some other "Governor" charge for rape kits - a "Governor" of a state way north?

#1 "Eliminate" AKA "Drone of Contention" - A former Obama official, Dennis Blair, is claiming the continued use of unmanned drones in Afghanistan & Pakistan is doing more harm than good. These drones are largely under control of the CIA - a civilian authority. And, we're not officially at war with Pakistan. Well, they're not exactly allies, either. Pakistan may have let the Chinese examine the crashed helicopter after the raid that killed OBL?! Nice. Gee, thanks! Brian Katulis travels to Pakistan a lot & knows the effects of those strikes.

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 06:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group.

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