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No matter how many ways you reinforce each other's biases and turn a blind eye to the issue many have with the way you "critique" our President, it does not change the simple fact that your non-reality based, venomous disrespect for the man who has gotten a whole hell of a lot out of very slim margins in Congress says much more about you than it does about the President.


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Just because you refuse to acknowledge the truth doesn't mean it stops existing.

Just because you dismiss all who don't share your tunnel vision does not make you right.

Just because you have non-white folk who share YOUR view does not mean that YOUR perspective is the only valid one.

Just because you get defensive and irrational and paint with a broad brush doesn't mean that legitimate criticism doesn't exist.

Just because the President doesn't lead as you would, doesn't mean that your way is better.

The problem is not WHAT you believe, the problem is the arrogant, dismissive, and hateful way in which you express those beliefs.

Fortunately, those of us with a different view are not sitting around waiting for you to change yours.

You see, newsflash, the world doesn't revolve around ya'll, much as it pains you. . . hard as you work to silence dissent and belittle any who would dare question what you KNOW to be true.

Yes, white progressives KNOW what Martin Luther King would have done. And they KNOW what they would do if THEY were President.

Yes, many white progressives just KNOW so many things . . . and have very little room for what anyone else might know.

Yes, anyone doubting what white progressives know is just calling them a racist, and that folks is NOT allowed!

Now, white progressives can say WHATEVER they want, but everyone else, they had damn well follow "the rules" . . . i.e. the white progressive way is the only way . . . everything was just GREAT in progressive land until Barack Obama came along.

Gore, Kerry and Dean didn't go down in flames.


White progressives were ON TOP OF THE WORLD until that sellout Obama.

Group think truly is a dangerous drug. . . see exhibit A . . . white "progressives" on Daily Kos . . . has the world ever known a more misunderstood group?

I doubt it.

4:47 PM PT: UPDATE: So I just re-read the diary . . . I am unclear on what is "offensive", is it the word "white"? If so, why is that?

The point, if you choose to get it, and I don't really mind if you choose not to, is that I do not NEED your "permission" to have my own opinion. I share my opinion in an attempt to offer a different perspective - take it or leave it.

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