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Disclaimer: I am a staunch supporter of the Big O.

I'm posting this question in search of interesting discussion. The recommended diaries right now have become amazingly stagnant, while I see an equally amazing group of obviously unelectables running against the President.

Surely I'm not the only person who sees that? Surely the Ultimate Independent, Michael Bloomberg, sees that, too?

Hasn't anyone noticed what Bloomberg has done recently -- the really admirable things he's done? Granted, I haven't dug below the surface when it comes to his record, but superficially, you gotta admit he's impressive. Think about that and the unelectability of the Republican crop. This country isn't crazy. This country ISN'T crazy! Those people ARE unelectable...right?


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Another thing you have to admit: Obama is doing what you want him to do (on his bus tour), although he's doing it HIS WAY and in his time. Sure, a lot of you who have been criticizing him are now asking, "What took you so long?" but just because he is an aggravatingly patient man who times things...just...so, that doesn't mean he is ignorant or naive. And you know that.

And I have to believe that if I know that and you know that, others know that, too. What comes with that knowledge? In the opposition, unless they ARE all truly crazy, that knowledge has to be accompanied by some concern. If you got one of them in a sound-proofed room and swore you'd never divulge a word of what they said, what would most Republicans (by my guess, 70% of them) say about their chances in 2012 and why? I think they'd say that if voters start listening, Republicans start losing...and they know voters WILL start listening, eventually, leaving only low turnout as Republicans' slim hope.

Given those facts, why wouldn't an independent with a solid track record of getting stuff done, of being wealthy yet extremely generous,  with an enormous track record of business acumen and governing experience coupled with an extremely successful straddling of the fence on just about every social, environmental and economic issue out there NOT SEE THE OPPORTUNITY Republicans have laid at his feet?

Unless I've missed something -- which isn't unlikely, I'll admit -- Michael Bloomberg should be thinking really, really hard right now. The only reason I can think of that he might not be would be because he supports Obama. I don't know if he does, but I wouldn't be surprised that he does. He's a reasonable man and Obama is far and away the only person in the upcoming campaign season with a track record of being reasonable.

Could someone else jump into the race, a primary-free independent with deep pockets and an Obama-like ability to get people to listen and think?

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