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The biggest hate blog site on the web isn't operated by some shadowy hate group, its run by Fox News, and its called Fox Nation. Today Fox Nation has a thread titled Obama Secretary of Agriculture: Food Stamps Are Economic Stimulus

Obama Secretary of Agriculture: Food Stamps Are Economic Stimulus

thegizzard 3 hours ago
If there are more people on food stamps, it's because it was made easier to get on them!  Some stimulus--stimulating people not to work!
repealreplace 3 hours ago
"It's the most direct stimulus you can get in the economy during these tough times."  How about the stimulus of a boot in the a-- of the typical fat a-- pile on food stamps?  Nothing like a good strong stimulus to get people back to work!
samfrommn 2 hours ago
Feed a stray dog once and he will be at your doorstep forever. This guy doesn't have a clue. He is just saying what he is told to say from the annoited one. Just like unemployment checks create jobs. I would like a clear example of both analogies. Did I miss something? 47 million plus record breaking people on food stamps, and unemployment at above 9% for two years. Where's your correlation with that  a hole.
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jbar595 2 hours ago
You wonder why this country is in the sh itt er, look at these men tally challenged idi ots the Kenyan camel jockey a ss sniffer surrounds themself with.
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lbindc 2 hours ago
Let's see...for every dollar in food stamps given to a parasite...one dollar had to be stollen from a working tax payer.

Doesn't sound like an economic stimulus to me...though it will end the same as the stimulus...a failure.

These buffoons can't do anything right.

Liberals are abject morons.
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dsdoc 2 hours ago in reply to 86z51
What are we suppose to do...... pay for every loser who doesn't want to get a job?

Cause that's what we've been doin' for the last 60 years...... exponentially.  You want more of somethin'.......subsidize it!  You want less of it, tax it!!
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amightywind 2 hours ago
The 'obesity epidemic' has coincided with explosive growth in food stamps, not surprisingly.
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cunov2 2 hours ago
Fear of starvation is a better motivator than food stamps.
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repealreplace 2 hours ago in reply to cunov2
so is hunger
gongshow 2 hours ago
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coasterdude 2 hours ago
Hey..Hey...Hey...I do believe this brain-washed 'o-bum-o convert" has been in the sun tooooooo long. Giving away food stamps...encouraging folk not to work...and this O-BUN-O philosophy is supposed tol help the economy. He is either smoking "some of that funny looking weed" or has spent too much time, in Air Force One...at extremely, high altitude. Have you noticed...a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g  o-bum-o touches has a tendency to s-m-e-l-l..!
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ubeturbipy 1 hour ago
Cut them off and when they get hungry they will work......well maybe not unless stealing and flash mobs are considered work.
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oeyblueyes 40 minutes ago
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The comments in response to this thread illuminate the Republican rank and file's contemptuous attitude toward the poor at a time when the country is still reeling from the disastrous consequences of George W. Bush's slavishly pro corporate economic and regulatory policies.

They love to look down on the poor and unemployed as "losers", "parasites" and "fat a-- piles" perhaps because they think that they are too good to ever lose their job or their home and end up in a similarly needy situation.

UPDATE: New comments continue to be added, so here are some more gems of conservative wisdom at Fox Nation.

Boyahdoggie Just now
THEN let the LIB LEFTY dimOrats money grubbers PAY FOR IT ALL................
not one RED CENT out of the TAX PAYER MONEY!

WE are broke.....not rich  !!
oldmsg Just now in reply to foxisracist2010
When the same folks, regardless of color, keep standing there with their hand out without making an effort to take care of themselves just why are we supposed to continue feeling sorry for them and supporting them? Noone takes care of me, except me...so if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for you too!  Even worse...they teach their children that they couldn't afford to have in the first place to do the same thing.  When will it end?
Also see my diary about Fox Nation from February.

Haven for violent hate speech Fox Nation accuses pro-union demonstrators of hate speech

UPDATE #2: More gems.

pinkpigs Just now
The Obamohammad Dream.......Foodstamps, Unemployment lines, Soup Kitchens, Government housing, rolling bIackouts, flashmobs, race and class warfare.

Dreamy.....isn't it?
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TeaPartyPatriot4ever Just now
and the ignorance and stupidity never ceases..

When I
was growing up, we needed food stamps every once and a while, but we never
wanted it, nor liked it, nor were proud of it..  as it was a sign to everyone, that we were not doing very well..  so why should everyone bemade to feel like it is something to be proud of, like they do with welfare.
It was being self-reliant, self-sufficient, and economically prosperous at work and home, that we wanted to be,
and feel good about, as successful Americans..

 these liberals are destroying the very social fabric of American Society, and are trying to make the American people believe that is is the new normal.. the Obama Liberal govt. unemployment and food stamp welfare society.

They can
take their liberal socialist-marxist policies and propaganda, and their unemployment food stamp welfare, and stick em where the sun don't shine..
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bamacop Just now
Stimulus= Take money from those who work for it and give it to those who do not work. This is the new definition under Obama and the Dems.
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dirkgambit Just now in reply to publius2011
Time for a revolution!  The Constitution says we have the right to overthrow a tyrannical government.
man_wolf 17 minutes ago
Nothing but subversive traitors in the White House & Obama's Administration! Hang ALL of these treasonous Bastards!
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