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(Also at Nevada Progressive & The Nevada View)

Mark Amodei is getting some powerful Republican assistance on the campaign trail today: House Speaker John Boehner, the nation’s top-ranking member of the GOP, is coming to Reno.

It’s primarily a fundraising trip. Boehner is speaking at a $5,000 and $10,000 per-head breakfast for Amodei. Boehner won’t attend any public events as he did for Jane Corwin in New York’s 26th in May — the last closely contested special election, which Republicans lost in an upset.

Yep, "The Boner" is coming here to Nevada. And while The Sun article points toward differences on the debt ceiling debacle, it doesn't mention how Amodei neatly fits into the extreme teabagger agenda Boehner has allowed to wreak havoc on Congress and the entire country. And it doesn't go in depth to point out why John Boehner is coming to Nevada to fundraise for Mark Amodei.

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Amodei is trying hard to create "nuance" and avoid "yes and no issues"...

But his call for "change" sounds eerily familiar.

Paul Ryan, where are you?

Apparently John Boehner is begging Paul Ryan to run for President. He's elevated Ryan and his extreme agenda to the forefront of the Congressional agenda, even taking hostage the full faith & credit of the US Treasury to try to force Ryan's radical attacks on America's middle class down our throats! And remember, Mark Amodei supported Ryan all the way. Amodei will keep distracting in hopes of making us forget his own words, so it's important to keep this in mind when Amodei talks of what he will do for Nevada in Congress.

It's becoming increasingly clear whose agenda Mark Amodei will push. It certainly isn't the one of working class Nevadans.

"You have to go where the money is... And that means entitlement programs."

That's what Mark Amodei aims to do. He'll do whatever he can to please GOP leadership despite him knowing what their plans would do to harm Nevada's working families. Amodei has made it clear to teabaggers that he's ready to go along with Boehner and Ryan in killing Medicare, even if he tells non-teabagger audiences a different story.

Don't be fooled by Amodei's slick twists of words and proclamations that he's "not a yes or no kind of guy". Let him speak for himself. And his words are on record.

National Republicans are scared because this has suddenly developed into a hotly contested race. And they're scared because Kate Marshall is giving him the fight of his life.

“I'll fight to preserve Social Security and Medicare because we need a balanced budget,” said Marshall, Nevada's current state treasurer. “We can't do that on the backs of our seniors.” [...]

Marshall, meanwhile, has focused on Amodei's support for a Republican budget that calls for privatizing Medicare.

While he has praised the budget pushed by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan and approved by the Republican-led House, Amodei has also questioned the Medicare component, and vowed to protect senior citizens. Amodei, however, has said he would consider increasing the Medicare eligibility age to 67.

Marshall has said she would not support any plan to raise the Medicare eligibility age.

Kate Marshall now needs all the help we can give. Election Day is less than a month away, and early voting will begin next weekend. If we don't want to see more of John Boehner's political games and Paul Ryan's extreme ideology, then we just can't send Mark Amodei to Congress.

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