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Now, I am not going to do this in a way that is full of snark, cause I have to say this diary was written in a rather measured and logically formulated way.


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I, as you can tell from my handle, live in Virginia's 5th district in the great City of Charlottesville, only 35 or so crow miles from the epicenter of yesterday's 6.0 5.9 5.8 earthquake.  I started reading this journal and was almost tempted to take half a day off of work and drive out there and go all ninja sniper journalist on everyone and expose the illegal fracking going on in Central Va.  Hell, I could have even taken down Eric mother-f'ing Cantor in the process.  

But, I'm smarter than that.  I know you gotta get corroboration from knowledgeable sources, and double check the data.

I do believe, based on at least the legitimate links he provided us, like the New York Times article on Switzerland, that digging that far down into the earth's crust can have unintended consequences, I'm just not sure they can be 5.8 bad.  It seems like it would be like he pointed to in WV, more like 3.2.

Anyway, I won't babble on too much longer as if I was Sam Elliot in Big Lebowski, but here's the apparently newer images from Mapquest, who actually seems to do a better job lately of staying more up to date, in terms of maps.

Breezywood Ln, Mineral Va.  There's a completed road that is wider than it should be, probably, but a Cul-De-Sac with a couple of new houses with nice, big yards.


Another finished house, with a nice big yard.  


I didn't even have to waste 4 hours of vacation time to do it.  This has been a public service announcement, of sorts.  Have a good evening.

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