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I wandered my way in to a rec'd diary about Eric Schneiderman being removed from a committee within a committee that is dealing with the large settlement that is being worked on between the 50 states and some of the larger mortgage servicers in the U.S.

The obvious and far too common knee jerk reaction here is to take what some politician is doing and compare that to what Obama is doing whether it involves Obama or not.  This example was no different and the rec's soon followed.

THIS is a link to a PDF.  In said PDF is a recent settlement that Schneidermans assistant AG signed off on, you can actually see the signature.

The settlement involves a ten year period of illegal activity by JP Morgan.  The investigation lasted 3 years and was just completed 7/7/2011.

The settlement was for $92 Million dollars.  Nobody went to jail, JP Morgan did not have to admit any wrong doing, it was acknowledged that they fully cooperated with the investigation, and they are allowed to continue selling the very product that they were "accused" of selling illegally.  

I put this update in so people could stop pretending that I'm making this up.  The likelihood that Schneiderman is going for jail time is very slim, he would not want to risk boatloads of cash for NY just to go to trial, he may get more money, but I don't think anyone will be admitting any wrong doing any time soon.


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I am an Obamabot, a loud clapper, or whatever label is assigned to me but I am not a dummy.  I trust many things in this world but lawyers ain't on that list.  

It's not that I think Mr. Schneiderman is doing something wrong but he is a lawyer...I think about Edwards the other guy on CNN and 98 percent of congress and that's enough.  Again Schneiderman is not cheating on his wife with prostitutes but we almost elected one of those guys President....

Anywho, the diary I'm talking about basically puts Obama up against Schneiderman as many do and I just thought I would put my two cents in as I often do and it was met with push back as you may have guessed.  

My basic point was that Schneiderman in pushing to go for a larger settlement was less virtuous than it was good lawyerly strategy and that he wasn't going to push for anyone to go to jail because he was going to push for a larger settlement and continuing an investigation would only happen if it netted a larger settlement check for NY.  

To me this makes sense.  If I am a lawyer and a large group settlement is not going to get me the results I want or what I consider my fair share I may push for my own deal.  It's clear from the news stories on this settlement that NY was a the biggest piece of the pie, so why not push it.  

Someone asked me to prove that Schneiderman was doing this and my only response was that he is a lawyer, I am alive, and I wasn't born yesterday.  Nobody loves a deal more than a lawyer and we have hundreds of years of history to back that up, don't we.

The back and forth was relatively civil for Daily Kos back and forth until this...

Now I don't begrudge anyone who disagrees with me but this was a bit over the top.  This guy is a lawyer...A LAWYYYYYERRRRR!!!! To me that means getting settlements is a part of his job and to think that he is so much better than Obama because of what he is doing is a joke to me.  Keep in mind the person that HR'd me, rec'd a comment that said Obama is worse than Bush, but still libel.  It took me all of ten minutes to find a settlement Schneiderman made a little over a month ago where nobody went to jail, no wrong doing was admitted and they can even continue doing what they were doing before and aside from paying money nothing really happened to the business.  

Some of the same people in the most recent thread were lamenting the last deal in a different thread yet somehow Schneiderman is a liberal hero, especially when compared to Obama and I don't think that is right and I certainly don't think it is libel for me to say he's looking for a larger check and I certainly don't think I should have been HR'd for it.  If I was I would also hope that said HR abuser would remove it in the face of indisputable evidence which I provided.

Schneiderman is doing a good thing, but nobody is serving time over this period and to make him out to be some liberal hero and compare him to Obama is a sick joke people are playing on themselves.  He is doing what lawyers do, he is doing it well, but this is not your hero guys.  He let you down a month ago with a 92 million dollar settlement for 10 years worth of wrongdoing.

In the link I provided one of my responses as a link to the PDF of this recent settlement in july that Schneiderman's assistant AG signed off on.  

No wrongdoing, no real reforms, no jail, yes you can continue doing business as you were.

Remove my HR and retract your accusation nero.

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