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What idiot 'centrist' Dems want isn't what America wants
I am an idiot centrist Dem(apparently) and according you, Markos, what I want isn't what America wants.  Well, thanks for letting me know that right to my face.  What I want... isn't what America wants.  That's good to know.  Thank you for informing me of that, Markos.  I didn't realize that until you told me.  Now I know.  Thank you.  Thank you so much.

So, what are you waiting for, Markos?  Just kick the 'stupid' centrist democrats off of your website already.  We are obviously working against what America wants, so, why are you letting us troll your website and cause fights?  I gather that when you called people fighting over Obama assholes that you were referring to the 'stupid' centrist dems.  So, kick the stupid asshole centrist dems off your website and stop letting them impede America's progress!  

Well?  What the hell are you waiting for?  An invitation?  Here it is!  Just imagine what life on Daily Kos will be like when you get rid of all of the centrists like me who are constantly causing fighting by our luke warm water ways.  Either be hot or cold, right!  Either be what America wants or you are just in the way of what America wants!  

So, what are you waiting for?  Do you need us here to drive up traffic?  Oh, come on.  Without us, all of the women and minorities and young people who have been staying away from Daily Kos are certain to come running when they hear that those damn centrists are gone!  

Or do you need us here so that everyone has someone to fight with?  They can still fight with each other.  There are still I/P diaries that have been seriously neglected lately.  There's some good fighting in there.  And I'm sure everyone can figure something out.  Maybe they can draw straws and take turns pretending to be a stupid centrist democrat!  

You make it pretty obvious to everyone here that you don't like us.  So, why don't you just tell us that you don't want us here.  You can join the chorus who are certain to comment below that we aren't welcome here.  Or maybe they will just say that I am not welcome here, since I came right out and wrote this diary instead of quietly sitting here and taking this slap in the face:

What idiot 'centrist' Dems want isn't what America wants
I am sorry for: one,  thinking that I am a part of America and therefore what I want is what at least some of America wants; and two, for trying to get my left and right loved ones to stop fighting and find some common ground.  Tie me up to a fucking post and set me on fire for that anti American blasphemy!

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1:31 PM PT: In case it's unclear what I found to be a slap in the face.  Here's a comment I just wrote below to Colorado in the Shiznit(awesome name, awesome person).

it's the 'doesn't want what America wants' part (0+ / 0-)

that is not only insulting but also hurtful to say.  it's what the right says to liberals all the time.  

i am a liberal.  i am as liberal as Bernie Sanders.  but i don't live in Vermont or France or Denmark.  i live here in a country of 300 million people who are all over the map about what they want or don't want.  and above any other belief i have i believe in democracy.  i believe in self governing.  i believe that even the best ideas about how to do something come second to the will of the people as expressed through democracy.  and because of that i am a apparently centrist.  because believing in sharing power excludes me from being left or right.  

2:26 PM PT: Ok, so, some people here are saying that Markos is referring to 'Third Way' centrists and that is something very specific and separate from merely being open to working with people on the left and the right when possible.  Alright, well, I guess I should find out what these Third Way people are about.  All I know about Third Way is that Gabby Giffords is Third Way and she seemed like good people.  I remember everyone yelling about Third Way people just a day or two before Gabby was shot and then suddenly everyone stopped.  I assumed that it was just your run of the mill tension between one sub group in the Democratic party and another.  

See, this is why I don't just get mad and steam.  I write and usually learn from you folks.

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